Where do I start?

Do you dream of owning your own business and how to start your own business?
Do you wonder how your business can make and keep more money?
Do you want a profitable business that runs smoothly so you can enjoy the good life?

It is time to transform your business and transform your life! There truly is nothing better than being your own boss but it doesn’t come without challenges. Many business owners become lost in the nuts and bolts of running their business. Business Untangled can help you learn how to start your own business or help grow your current business.

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  • "Donna is my business coach and her work is outstanding! Being able to start my business and know that I am setting it up correctly and setting myself up for success with her mentoring is nothing short of amazing! Thank you Donna!"
    Susan Johnson, Invigorated! Health Coaching
  • "We would like you to know how wonderful and helpful you have been in helping us with the startup of our company. Your knowledge, wisdom and quality of your service has been beyond our expectation. Thank you for your patience in teaching us how to conduct our business. I’m very grateful that we found you. Your warmth and pleasant attitude has made all the difference in the world. We will definitely refer you to our friends, family and business associates."
    Yolanda Galvan, Custom Roofing and Restoration
  • "Donna has saved me tens of thousand of dollars by setting up my business the right way. She thinks outside the box and has aggressive, perfectly legal strategies. Any small business owner should do themselves a favor and consult with Donna about how you can save a lot of money!"
    Scott Schuler, Keller Williams Realty
  • "Donna is truly a master of her craft. I have done business with Donna since 2001, and she has always proven to be the unsurpassed expert, be it tax or business related, and nothing brings her greater joy than helping her clients uncover literally thousands of dollars through unknown tax deductions and/or advising how to structure your business for maximum dollars in your pocket. I know from personal experience that Donna is worth her weight in gold, as she has successfully coached me through two businesses and helped me unravel a big mess after I tried to do things on my own! Donna is also a QuickBooks expert and offers tax and QuickBooks education as well as overall business consulting. I have utilized all of her services throughout the years, and even though we now living a thousand miles apart, I still invest in her services as she has proven over and over again that she is by far the most knowledgeable professional I know to advise me on my finances, and she sincerely cares about my success. If you are considering hiring Donna to coach you, I can tell you without hesitation that she will put more money back in your pocket than you will ever pay her. I am privileged to have the benefit of her years of service, and I am honored to know her."
    Michael Drake, Michael Drake, Inc.
  • "I would love to work with you forever....I love you and the help you provide me."
    Coach Karen Smith, Fitness Expert
  • "Ms. Donna Merrill is an extremely professional businesswoman of the 21st century. I have known her for nearly eight years and have benefited greatly from the professional advice she has given me. She is a business genius and is especially renown for her ability to help small businesses and sole proprietors make and keep more money. She provides invaluable advice to home-based business owners on how to increase profit margins, implement new business strategies, and maximize potential tax benefits. I have been immensely impressed at her leadership, as she has successfully owned and operated several thriving businesses. Indeed, her employees have appreciated her almost as much as her clients! Her time management skills are second to none, as she expertly gives personalized attention to each of her clients. She maintains a contagious positive attitude and is a real joy to work with. Ms. Merrill is smart, supportive, accommodating and very professional. Anyone who is fortunate enough to partner with her will only benefit from her expertise, experience and extreme work ethic. I wholeheartedly recommend her professional services."
    Mike Riches, President Harvard Risk Management Corporation
  • "Donna has an impressive resume and is a great resource to help you run your business efficiently and save money. "
    Kimberly Urso, Home Capital Realty
  • "Donna is an enlightened professional that we should all strive to be. I recommend Donna for her leadership and the services her company provides."
    Brandy Miles LUTCF, Insurance Agent
  • "Donna and her team have provided extraordinary service to us for over a decade. If you try her you will quickly learn what we are talking about."
    Henry Chidgey, Executive Coach and Entrepreneur
  • "Donna has deep knowledge of the tax code, especially for small businesses. She has provided consistently good service to me for many years."
    Bharat Dhurka, Enterprise Architect at IBM