Business Untangled is ABOUT YOU!   

YOU have a vision of starting a business but are stuck in a 9-5 job. 

With Business Untangled YOU can take that leap and take control of your life!

 YOU are lost in the nuts and bolts of the operation of your business.

With Business Untangled YOU can manage the maze of administrative tasks and learn everything about how to start a small business and what you actually need to do to realize a profit. 

YOU are overwhelmed, working countless hours, confused and drowning in obligations.

With Business Untangled YOU can learn how to better manage your paperwork, your business obligations and how to reduce your  tax liability down to the legal minimum.  YOU can realize more money without working more hours.

Business Untangled has a passion to help YOU achieve your dreams while overcoming the challenges of life as a business owner.  Business Untangled can help YOU can create a life you don’t need a vacation from!


Business Untangled’s Mission:

Business Untangled, Inc. is dedicated to helping as many people as possible to have the business of their dreams.

We work with emerging entrepreneurs like you that have all this passion and drive but get tangled up in the business side of doing business. Our mission with our work together is to harmonize your business, removing confusion and overwhelm so you have LESS STRESS, PAY LESS TAX, MAKE & KEEP MORE MONEY! 

Donna Merrill

Meet Donna Merrill

Donna Merrill is President and Founder of Business Untangled, Inc. She is the author of “5 Simple Business Savvy $ecrets That Will Put Money in Your Pocket Today!” and the study manual, “Making Life Less Taxing – An Entrepreneur’s Guide.”  As a nationally known business strategist, author, and small business expert, Donna has been quoted by MSN Money, USA Today, World News, All Business, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance and more.

Donna has the innate talent of empowering entrepreneurs to champion their inner abilities which is why clients fondly call her, ” The Transformation Lady”.  Starting her personal entrepreneurial journey on a shoestring, Donna knows what is required of today’s business owner and understands the challenges they face. Donna works with her client to remove confusion and overwhelm harmonizing their business while literally putting thousands and tens of thousands of dollars in their pocket.  She truly transforms and inspires the business owner to succeed.

Complementing her degree in Business Management, Donna is also a QuickBooks Expert with an extensive tax background. Always having an extraordinary love for business, she attained her diverse insight by venturing into the business world at an early age. Donna has developed three very different businesses to acclaim in the national arena. Donna built her portrait studio in Florida from the ground up achieving national recognition for her award-winning work. Embarking upon her second venture, thirteen years later she moved West and started a bookkeeping business. Blessed by the intensive mentorship of top advisors in the tax world, Donna developed a keen awareness of business and our tax system. Over sixteen fruitful years, her local business grew into a well-known tax and bookkeeping firm acquiring an international client base. It was there Donna gained first-hand experience helping entrepreneurs who got bogged down with the challenges of owning their own business. Donna quickly became known for her spirit and zest of coaching others to personal prosperity. Moving forward from the tax preparation industry, it was an inspired progression for Donna to establish Business Untangled, Inc. Now with the freedom and focus required to truly help the entrepreneur she combines her vast knowledge with her love of teaching. Donna offers her clients a new level of support and innovative ways to accelerate achieving their goals.



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