Texas Treasure Hunt

do you like treasure huntsBusiness Untangled, Inc. is dedicated to helping you HAVE LESS STRESS, PAY LESS TAX, MAKE & KEEP MORE MONEY!  We have many tricks that come in various forms and this one is fun but just for Texans (present and past).  If you don’t live in Texas, you may want to check with your state comptroller for a similar website in your state!

So what is this Texas Treasure Hunt?
This the official website for unclaimed money in the state of Texas.  I understand that Texas owes 1 in 4 of it’s residents money. Here is how we can help people find it and then claim it. I will remind you that it is a process and it does take some time because they want to make sure the funds get to the rightful owners. There is also opportunities for those that have lost loved ones to still receive those assets. 

I did this and while I did not find any money for myself, I found over $500 for family members.  Please check it out and send me an email at success@businessuntangled.com to let me know if you have found lost treasure!

It is simple – just click and follow the instructions: TEXAS TREASURE HUNT

Special thanks to my friend Bobby Pugh, a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones for sharing this link.

Embrace your journey…

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