Do you want to START A BUSINESS but don’t know where to begin?

 ORFrustrated Office Worker

Do you HAVE A BUSINESS doing something you LOVE but find yourself all tangled up in the business side of doing business?  

There is nothing like having the freedom of time and money that owning your own business can bring to your life!  You find yourself all excited about doing YOUR thing – people need YOUR expertise and they are willing to pay for it! Yes, things are great – you can make unlimited money helping people doing what YOU love and then it hits you….THERE is marketing, legal paperwork, accounting, and then the worst of all…TAXES!

You are seriously lost. You do not know which way to turn. You hit overwhelm.   WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

Business Untangled is your answer! 

Business Untangled can help you unravel those details by walking you thru the legal nuts and bolts, demystifying your numbers and expanding your vision. Our style is to mentor you step-by-step to ensure your success. The Business Untangled process is extremely tangible using proven tools in the areas of business strategy, marketing, client enrollment (sales), financials, and creating systems and structures.

Our clients find they measurably make more money and keep more money as a result of our working together.

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