April 13, 2016

Are You Paying For Not Paying Attention?

When was the last time you called your cell phone provider and asked if you could get a better deal? I just called mine learning I could […]
April 7, 2016

What Is The Secret Of Starting A Home-based Business?

If you have read my ebook, “5 Business Savvy $ecrets That Will Put Money In Your Pocket Today”, you know that the #1 secret that reasonably […]
March 30, 2016

Do you like treasure hunts?

REVIEW YOUR TAX RETURNS – YOU COULD HAVE THE IRS SEND YOU A CHECK WITHIN 90 DAYS! If you have overpaid your taxes, your tax return […]
March 25, 2016

Is it good or bad to file a tax extension?

There are people who are scared silly of not filing their taxes by the April 15 deadline. As a tax expert who spent over 16 years […]