We work with small business owners like yourself who want to make and keep more money. As business owners it is easy to get tangled up with the nuts and bolts of the business side of being in business. Our expertise is in helping you unravel these details, eliminating stress, frustration and helping you make more money than you ever thought possible.

First we design a plan customized to your unique personal style. Then we hold your hand through the processes of business & system development and implementation. We demystify the business of being in business by using proven tools in the areas of business strategy, marketing, client enrollment (sales), financials, and tax rescue programs. We guide you through the creation of systems and structures that expand your vision and scope to elevate your business to a new level of efficiency and profitability.

By identifying the areas that can make the biggest difference you can sidestep the financial, logistic and even legal ramifications that inevitably will plague you and keep you stuck. With our expert mentoring, you can attain your goals faster with less frustration, saving time, eliminate costly mistakes, likely decreasing your tax liability in the process while netting you considerably more money on your bottom line.

Hands-on is literally doing the physical work, while we mentor you on these efforts, we are not performing the actual tasks themselves. Handholding is step-by-step guidance, direction and coaching, even spelling out the details if necessary until that light bulb goes on and you get it. Maybe you are familiar with the proverb, ” give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Business Untangled’s goal is to teach you to fish so that you not only realize more money in the first year you implement our work together but your net profit will continue to grow, snowballing year after year.

We have a successful track record of inspiring prospective entrepreneurs with a vision of what business might be the best fit for their talent, personality and lifestyle circumstances. There is absolutely no rule that you cannot enjoy what you do for a living!

Definitely. At Business Untangled we are experts in teaching you how to be legally compliant while you properly implement this new entity into your life.

Absolutely. Implementing the direction you receive from Business Untangled you will be able to create in 60 seconds your Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheet and many other Financial Statements. You will be able to use these reports to make better business decisions as better accounting to pay the least tax. Your books will be in the proper shape on a moments notice when needed for loans, tax reporting and other purposes. You will find that seriously stress-reducing and just plain business savvy smart!

Yes. Following the concepts and recordkeeping recommendations of Business Untangled your records are always ready in the event you are selected for an audit. This is terrific peace of mind as no one is exempt from an audit. When your records are already prepared your frustration is minimized. Your records are already in shape for your defense and you can simply hand them to your tax professional and go on about the business of making money without the major headaches traditionally caused by an audit.

Your tax returns give a birds-eye view and are the perfect starting point for us to gain professional insight into making your business a profitable entity. As a bonus, we sometimes find that you have overpaid your taxes and can direct you to the best process to having that money returned to you.

No, Business Untangled does not do tax preparation work. We have referral sources for you that are qualified, work with the same mindset that is taught by Business Untangled and may be a good fit to provide you with this type of service.

We highly recommend that you retain a qualified professional to keep you up to date on the frequently changing tax laws, prepare your annual return and consult with you regularly for proper tax planning. The IRS has strict diligence requirements required of a tax professional therefore a tax return prepared and signed by a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or EA (Enrolled Agent) generally has less chance of being audited. Be aware that all tax professionals are not created equal. If you would desire, we can refer you to a CPA or EA that works within the same tax deduction mindset that we teach.

Yes, sometimes it is in the best interest of all concerned to end the coaching arrangement. We cannot help a client without integrity or follow-through to the commitment they have made to their own self-improvement. Examples of reasons we may make a decision to terminate our work with a certain client maybe: habitually missed appointments, not completing ones assignments timely, requiring baby-sitting instead of hand-holding, past-due payments, etc. If you have a problem in an area of concern, please discuss it with us so it can be ironed out prior to it becoming an issue.

No problem, all our services are conducted virtually. Today’s technologies combine to make it most beneficial, productive, and time-efficient for anyone anywhere to use our services. Even special issues can be favorably handled by phone, remote computer sharing, video conferencing, fax, or email.